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02-7-13 Forum Shutdown and Website status - Eldar Storm
I have been avoiding this for a while, but I am shutting down the L2Pets Forums. The forums have been dead for the past year with only Spammers posting. With no real activity and with all my admins and mods being gone there seems little point to maintaining the forums.

The site will remain for a while, but eventually I will probably shut it down as well. I had hoped to get some admin support and convert the site to a wiki format so that its info could be community driven.

I hate that it has come to this, but with the direction Lineage 2 has gone, it does seem inevitable. Me and most of the people I knew have stopped playing the game for a while now for one reason or another.

If anyone needs to contact me, you can through my main site.

11-3-11 Hosting Move - Eldar Storm
Few of my sites will be going down in the next few days for a hosting move.

Affected sites:

Should not take too long to move everything.

04-25-11 Forums Upgrade - Eldar Storm
The forums have not been upgraded to the most currect version of PHPBB3. I was going to wait until I had the new template up for it, but with all the spam, I figured I would skip the new template and update it now.

I may also be upgrading the main site to Wordpress to make updates and such easier.

07-22-10 Freya to hit PTS 7/29 - Eldar Storm
Freya is finally coming to the NA PTS. Its due to start this friday. There is also scheduled to be a group of GM events as well.

Preview site to come.

L2 Forum Post
Freya PTS Fun Schedule

10-30-09 Gracia Epilogue on PTS - Eldar Storm
Gracia Epilogue is now on the PTS.
Gracia Epilogue Preview Site

06-8-09 Site Update in the Works - Eldar Storm
Its been a long time in the making, but I am working on a major site update.
More details on the forums.

07-2-08 L2 Gracia soon to PTS - Eldar Storm
Looks like the next big update to hit Lineage 2, Gracia, will be comming to the Public Test Server July 17, 2008. The preview site should be up early this month, and it is projected to hit live servers in August.

06-16-08 Server Merges July 8, 2008 - Eldar Storm
Well looks like the day many of us have feared is comming, server merges.

Here are the server that are going to be merged.
Server 2 (Sieghardt) + Server 5 (Erica) = New Server A
Server 3 (Kain) + Server 4 (Lionna) = New Server B
Server 6 (Gustin) + Server 8 (Hindemith) = New Server C

Server merges were planned due to activity and the phisical location of the server itself.
More info here

04-23-08 Hellbound Live & MMOFuey Award - Eldar Storm
Hellbound has now hit the live servers and is ready for use. Have fun!

Also, L2Pets has won a Top MMORPG Fansite Award at MMOFurry.
Thanks to everyone in helping me make this great site.

03-26-08 L2 Hellbound hits PTS - Eldar Storm
Hellbound (aka. Kamael 1.5) is now on the PTS.

This expansion features new content such as a upgrade to the pet system and a increase to the level cap (max 85).

Some Features:
New Content: New End Game Boss (Beleth), high level skills, sub-classes benefits, new skill enchants, top tier items, and transformations

Level Cap: Has been moved from Level 80 to Level 85.

Upgrade to the pet system: Ride able Wolves, as well as the ability to evolve the baby pets (buffalo, cougar and kookaburra).

03-7-08 Screenshots in Media working again. - Eldar Storm
Good news everyone, the screenshots in the media section is working again.

01-2-08 Fixed the Info Section for Firefox - Eldar Storm
The subject basically says it all. There was a coding error that kept the images from working in the Info Section for some webbrowsers. It has now been fixed.

12-13-07 CT1 - The Kamael LIVE - Eldar Storm
As most of you allready know, CT1 hit live servers yesterday.
This Expansion adds many changes as well as a new race to the world of Lineage 2.
For more info, you can check out the CT1 Section of the forums.

I have also added a CT2 section as well now to the forums.

09-24-07 Death of a great autor - Eldar Storm
Bit off topic from L2, but I thought it worth mentioning on the site's news. The author of the Wheel of Time books has passed away. He had a rare blood comlication, and has now passed away. He had compleated 11 of the 13 books, and was working on the 12th when he passed.

04-10-07 Site back up! - Eldar Storm
Over the weekend one of the hard drives on the server died and took everything down. But everything was recovered and the server is back up.

03-31-07 Interlude to hit Live soon. - Eldar Storm
From the Lineage 2 site:
The first chapter of Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne, Interlude, is planned for release on Wednesday, April 11, 2007. Adventurers' Guides and Event Gatekeepers will be back in the towns of Aden and Elmore to celebrate the launch. Stay tuned for more details!

03-9-07 Interlude on PTS - Eldar Storm
Interlude has hit the PTS.

03-6-07 L2Pets Interview on L2Vault - Eldar Storm
Well they managed to catch me and got a interview out of me :)

You can check out the whole interview here.

03-4-07 Site is back up & Forums as well! - Eldar Storm
Well, at long last the Forums are back up and running. I have created a new theme and also updated the main site.

Have Fun!

03-2-07 L2Pets site update....... - Eldar Storm
The main L2Pets site will be up and down this weekend as I upload and configure the changes to the site.
And yes the forums will be brought back up as well :)

The bad news is, the firums will be brought up fresh and clean, so everyone who registered before will have to again and all the old data is gone. I will be working on the corrupted data in my spare time and will upload this as I have it available.

Another new thing you will notice t about the site is there will be new GFX and a new template for the forums.

12-3-06 New Email Update - Eldar Storm
After further investigation the hacker had not gotten a hold of the database, but had managed to access the Admin mass email function and had sent out the email that way.

12-3-06 Forum Status and About the Email - Eldar Storm
It would seem that the person who hacked the site got a hold of the email list from the database as well. I am sorry that this email was sent. I have sent a email myself apologizing for the “Lamer” email. I am truly sorry that the guy was able to get to the emails and was able to send that.
I have wiped the Forum database to remove any corrupted entries and have brought the forums down completely until the new version is put in place.

I will not let this put a end to this site and all the hard work everyone has put into it.

11-22-06 Forums down till further notice. - Eldar Storm
Forums have been hacked and are down till further notice. Also my backup may have been lost as well. It may take a while to get everything back up.

Also due to this the main site update that I have been working on has now been put on hold till further notice.

If you have anything to add to this or need to get in touch with me I can be contacted at or you can MSN me, my handle is Eldar, search for me using

Eldar Storm

09-30-06 Fan Site Spotligh - Eldar Storm
We have made into the newsletter and are currently in the Fan Site Spotlight.

07-22-06 C5 News! - Eldar Storm
We finnaly have some news on C5 and the PTS. There is also a C5 preview site that you can visit to get some information on C5 C5 Preview.

Mistryl posted on the official PTS forums:
Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood is coming soon to the Public Test Server! We are currently planning to launch the Chronicle 5 PTS on Thursday, July 27. More details will be released next week about any experience/item rate changes on the test server, reporting bugs, and more. We can say at this time that we are expecting to wipe all characters from the Public Test Server in preparation for the new Chronicle.

Beginning today, the Public Test Server will be unavailable as we get ready for Chronicle 5.

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and participation on the PTS!

06-1-06 C5 Live in Korea - Eldar Storm
C5 has hit the live servers in Korea as of today. So far there is no word when C5 will hit the PTS here in NA. I will keep you posted on the dates.

As far as the patch notes we don't, as of yet, have a fully translated version of it. Part of this is due to the size of the patch notes itself.

04-27-06 C5 Section Added to Forums - Eldar Storm
I acually added this the other day to the forums, but now we have a section for C5 news and rumors. Enjoy! :)

02-19-06 New Addition to Site! - Eldar Storm
Screenshots have now been added to L2Pets.
You can now click on the media Link on the left register then uplead screenshots. The pics must be less than 1mb and must be in jpg/jpeg format.
Oh ya, keep the screenshots clean and L2pets related.
Also the Admin tool has now been added to L2Pets for the site mods so they can post news as well.

02-07-06 C4 Hits Live Servers Tomorrow! - Eldar Storm
The live servers will be comeing down tomorrow and will be updated with C4.
There will be alot of traffic during the update process and updateing will take a while, or you can download the client installer with C4 from thier website. Details here:
Or get the conversion tool to change your PTS Client to Live:

Chronicles 4 will add many updates to the game as well as new pets. To see all the changes goto:

01-08-06 C4 Hits PTS! - Eldar Storm
C4 has now hit the PTS (Public Test Server) and is ready for download and login.

Here is a quote from MiykaelQA on the L2 Forums:
C4 on the PTS is ready to go.

* We currently plan on a one time bump up of characters to a very high level this week. During this same boost, we will also be giving characters an assortment of useful items. These boosts will only affect the highest level character created on each account. If there are 2 equal level characters the one with the highest XP amount will be affected.
* Helper cats will also be appearing this week to help with 2nd class transfers, clan creation and level up, and higher level items.
* PTS rates for the duration of Chronicle 4 testing will be 10x experience, 10x SP, and 10x drops and adena.

We encourage everyone to patch up, login and create a character by Wednesday Jan 11, especially those of you who completed your first class transfer prior to the wipe announcement and before I made my 2nd post.

Please report any bugs you may encounter during testing here in this forum as well as through

Thank you for your interest in testing Chronicle 4 on the PTS.

12-16-05 C4 PTS Info - Eldar Storm
According to MiykaelQA on the L2 Forums C4 will hit the PTS in the beginning of January, and they will be doing a full server wipe of all characters. They will also be doing character boosts as well to help people get to the higher level content faster.
The link to the post on L2 Forums - Link

11-18-05 New Guides Posted - Eldar Storm
I have started posting some of the guides in the Guide section of the forums.
I only have 2 posted, apart from the wolf guide, and will have more as I have time.

11-09-05 L2Pets First Anniversary - Eldar Storm
Big news, today is the 1 year mark for the site. We have grown a lot and now have well over 500 members. And with today I have added the new graphics to the site that I have been working on. I have also added the Wolf Quest to the Guides section and am working on the Hatchling quest.
I am still updating the information on the Info section to get it up to standards with C3. Post all information you wish to have on the page on the Forums as well as anything that may be incorrect.

The Admin tool I have planned to add will have to wait a little but, I seem to have come across a bug and will have to work it out before I add it. With the Admin tool screenshots will be added to the page as well.

In another bit of news, Lord Liberty has returned to the site and has resumed the role of Site Moderator. LL along with Shaunrah, are both doing a great job.

4-12-05 C3 - Still Waiting - Eldar Storm
No C3 PTS today, they have had some corrupted file problems after they got the update server problem fixed. They hope to have it up and running tomarow. Let us continue to have our fingers crossed.
During all of this I have been impressed on how well they have been keeping up up to date on what is going on.

4-11-05 C3 Delay for PTS - Eldar Storm
As you have noticed the PTS still has not come back up. They are having some problems with the update server and are trying to resolve it. The PTS forums indicate it "should" be the beginning of this week. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Also in other news, I have been working on a Admin function for the webpage to allow moderators to post news on thier own. I am also hoping to expand it to cover more of the site as well.

02-19-06 - Eldar Storm
Lineage 2 Cronicles 3 is hitting the Public Test Server today.
Here is what L2 posted about the XP and Adena rates:

The Chronicle 3 update to the Public Test Server (PTS) will be up by around
12:00 p.m. (noon) PDT tomorrow (Friday, 4/8/05). Players will be able to
update their existing PTS client to Chronicle 3 at that time. Additional

Initial setup:

1. Complete character wipe when build arrives on the PTS.
2. Drop rate increase: 5x for XP, SP and drops; 10x for adena.

During testing until live launch:

1. Weekly buffs to raise character levels.
2. Every Monday, the EXP and SP that players have earned for the week will be multiplied by 300%.
3. Every Monday, the adena that players have earned for the week will be multiplied by 400%.

2-2-05 New Stats on Stats Page. - Eldar Storm
Thanks to alot of work from everyone I have updated the stats page showing alot more pet levels and thier stats.

1-5-05 Happy New Year! - Eldar Storm
Happy New Year to everyone! I know I am a few days late on this, but have not had the time.
I have updated some of the website, the stats and about pages. I have also added a level chart for trained pets that will be updated as I get the data. I will need all level 1+ of any pet. Enjoy!

12-13-04 New Domain Name - Eldar Storm
L2Pets now has its own domain name.
This should help give the site permanent ground in the L2 community. The domain name will be usable within 48 hours from today.

11-15-04 C2 On PTS - Eldar Storm
If you have not been checking the forums on the L2 site frequently, Chronicles 2 is being added onto the Public Test Server. We should be able to get on sometime tomarow. Verry good news!
C2 is supposed to include fixes for pets within Lineage 2, so try your best to test out these changes and post to the forums. Lets have some fun!

11-12-04 New Stuff - Eldar Storm
Forums have now been added to the site. Hopefully this will add a new community aspect to Lineage 2 and help us all with the developement of our pets.
I would also like to thank the recent emails I have gotten with informations and screenshots for the pets. I will try to get everything posted to the site in the near future.

10-28-04 Notes & News - Eldar Storm
A few notes on progress:
It seems a bit harder than I thought to get some of this information than I thought. I will try to fill out the web site soon. I will also have a forum up in the near future to try and generate more info on pets.
Chronicles 2 will be hitting in November, remember there are supposed to be alot of fixes to the pet system, keep you fingers crossed.

9-28-04 Food & Rules - Eldar Storm
I have updated the Feeding section of the Info page and added a Rules/Tips section to it as well. Thanks to everyone who has already put forth information.
During my researching with my pets on food consumption rate I have discovered a big difference in the Twilight Hatchling. Many people know that 1 unit = 100% Food, but its consumption rate is 8-10% a minute while all other pets are around 2%. See Feeding section for more info.

9-26-04 New Beginning - Eldar Storm
After having spent alot of time searching forums and sites for good info on pets for L2, I have decided to create this site. If anyone wants to help out with giving me info email me at I will try to fill in the holes as I get the information.