The Great Compendium of Spellbooks in C3 (For Summoners)
Guide By - Eriann

Spell Book

Location Found

Drop Rate

Bright/Fast/Mighty Servitor: Giran SB shop  
Aqua/Spark/Binding Cubic: Hatu Windsus - Bee Hive Semi-Rare to Rare Drop
Phantom/Storm Cubic: Manashen Gargoyles - Ivory Tower Common - Uncommon
Life Cubic: Satyrs - Enchanted Valley Common - Uncommon
Merrow/Kai/Soulless: Liangma - Cruma Tower  Uncommon to Semi rare
Transfer Pain: Giant Fungus - Sea of Spores Uncommon
Servitor Empower (UD): Grave Priest - Catacomb of the Branded and Worshippers Necropolis Semi-rare
Servitor Cure: Same as Servitor Empower Common, maybe too much
Servitor Physical Shield: Liele - Enchanted Valley Common
Servitor Magical Shield: Fline Elder - Enchanted Valley Uncommon)
Servitor Haste: Liele Elder - Enchanted Valley Common - Uncommon
Servitor Blessing : Crypt Sage - Ascetics Necropolis, Martyr's Necropolis, Catacomb of the Witches Uncommon to Semi Rare