What this site is
This site is for the people of Lineage 2 who like pets or is looking for information on pets. If there is any information that anyone wants to contribute just stop by the forums and post it or PM it to me, or you can email it to me at eldarstorm@l2pets.com.

The beginning
I started this site after having to search through several sites and forums to find complete info (more or less) about pets within the game. This quest started with looking for the fox pet (level 5) that, I have now discovered, does not exist and was not included within the game.

Now we are a growing community with an active forum filled with people who love the pets of Lineage 2. I may have created the site, but much of the info, data, guides and so on in this site have come from several people. Much of what you see has come from people on the forums, for a good list of people that have helped, check out the member's listing on the forums.
I am thankfull to have such a good group that has been verry helpfull.

As of September 2006: