Wolf Quest - Level 15+
Guide - Eldar Storm

The wolf quest is cheapest to run with both Elf and Dark Elf if ran without using the Gatekeeper, this is becouse these are the only two races that can acually "walk" to thier homeland.
The human race the most pricy if done by gatekeeper alone due to the cost to get to/from Talking Island. The Boat is cheaper, but slower.
Orcs and Dwarfs are the cheapest to run the quest by using only the Gatekeeper since the teleporting fair is the cheapest for returning to thier homeland.

The quest can be done in about 2 - 4 hours or so. The longest part is killing the mobs for the quest item. However, the item seems to have a high drop rate.

Easy. Only need 50 of the quest items from one mob. The rest is running around.

Gatekeeper Costs:
Human - 66,200 adena
Elf - 43,000 adena
Dark Elf - 43,000 adena
Dwarf - 42,200 adena
Orc - 42,000 adena

General Breakdown:
Gludin <--> Talking Island 18,000 adena (each way)
Gludin <--> Elvin Village/Dark Elvin Village 6,400 adena (each way)
Gludin <--> Dwarf Village/Orc Village 6,000 adena (each way)
Gludin <--> Gludio 2,900 adena (each way)
Gludio <--> Dion 4,100 adena (each way)
Dion <--> Girin 8,100 adena (each way)

1) Travel to Gludin Village and talk to the pet trainer Martin.

You will have to prove yourself to him in order to continue with the quest.
He will tell you there are monsters attacking the pets like they are pray. Your job will be to rid the world of these monsters.

2) Each race has a set of monsters they must kill and get 50 quest items from. These monsters can be found near your races starting area and are usually a breed of spider.

-Humans must kill Giant, Talon, or Blade spiders. Many of the spiders can be found around the northern tip of Talking Island.
-Elves must kill Crimson, Hook, or Pincer Spiders. These can be found west of Elvin Village down the road a ways.
-Dark Elves must kill Stoppers.
-Dwarves must kill Hunter Tarantulas or Plunder Tarantulas. These can be found in the Northeast area of the dwarven lands.
-Orcs must kill Kasha Spiders, Kasha Hoppers, or Kasha Blade Spiders. Many can be found near the Frozen Waterfalls tward the east.

3) Return to Gludin Village and talk to Martin again and turn in your quest items.
Now he will send you to talk to 3 other people who are in his Animal Lovers Association. This is a preperation for a test he will give you when you return.

4) Travel to Gludio Castle Town and talk to the Gatekeeper Bella.

5) Travel to Dion Castle Town and talk to Guard Metty at the southern gate.

6) Travel to Giran Castle Town and talk to the Accessory Jeweler Ellie. The shop it to the west of the main square.

7) After talking to Ellie, travel back to Gludin Village and talk to Martin again. He will then test you.

8) Questions/Answers
Some of these Q/A may differ from what he will say by a few words and some may be duplicates in different wording. This is becouse the questions change slightly with some patches and updates.

Q: When the pet is killed it may be resurrected within a certain amount of time. What is the maximum delay allowed before resurrection becomes impossible?
A: 20 minutes.

Q: Pets are verry useful to their owners. Which of the following is not an appropriate use of a pet?
A: Makes to go to the village and buy items rather than sending on an errand.

Q: Which of the following is not a part of the wolf’s diet?
A: No answer

Q: How is a wolf’s tail normally positioned?
A: It’s tail is always pointing straight down.

Q: The wolf is a meat-eating mammal of the canine family. Which animal among the following is not a meat-eating mammal of the canine family?
A: No answer.

Q: The following connections are made between the wolves in the Lineage world and their habitats. Which of the following is NOT connected properly?
A: Orcs? black wolf.

Q: Which of the following is the correct description of a wolf?
A: A grown wolf is still not as heavy as a fully-grown male adult human.

Q: What should you do to make a pet grow faster?
A: Makes the pet hit monster several times.

Q: What is the best way to train your pet?
A: Tell your pet to hit monsters multiple times.

Q: What is the normal lifespan of a wolf in captivity?
A: 12-15 years

Q: The following are descriptions on the life of a wolf. Choose the WRONG description among the choices.
A: A pregnant wolf makes shelter in a large vacant ground for her babies.

Q: Wich of the following do not describe the lifge of a wolf?
A: A pregnant wolf makes its home in a wide open place to have its babies.

Q: How far (in Kilometers) can a wolf's smell reach?
A: 2.4 km

Q: What kind of wolf leads the rest when hunting in a pack?
A: Male

Q: Which is not a proper descripton of the breeding of wolves?
A: Pregnancy is nine months.

Q: What are the oldest and most primitive type of wolf on Aden?
A: Dire Wolf.

Q: What wolf lives 2.5M-10K years ago?
A: Dire Wolf.

Congradualtion! You now have a new wolf pet.
For more information see Guides for care and training.