Summoned pets, or Servitors, are brought into existence through summoning magic that calls the creature from another realm or built by the craft minds of the dwarven Artisans. Most races within Lineage 2 are able to summon in some form or fashion, with the exception of the Orc race who do not have a mystic class.

Getting the pet is simple, after your mystic character reaches level 20 you will get your first summoning skill. At this level the pet has a 6 hour timer on recasting the spell. After level 40 and you choose the path of a Summoning class the spell's recast time is reduced to seconds.

There are two basic categories within the Summoned Pets (Servitors):
1) Controlled
2) Uncontrolled

-Controlled Servitor:
This type is of pet can only be summoned one-at-a-time and can be directly controlled by the sommoner. These pets are great for their strategic advantage for having two targets to control at one time. The controlled servitor is available to any mystic class after level 20 and the dwarven Artisan at level 28.

-Uncontrolled Servitor:
These are not controlled by the caster, but react on their own will. The advantage of these is that a player can summon up to 3 at one time. These pets are more commonly known as the Cubic. These have the ability to cast a spell randomly on the caster or enemy, depending on the cubic. Some of these can heal, paralyze, and debuff.
Another feature, some classes get the ability to "Mass Summon" these giving everyone in their party one.

All the summoned pets within Lineage 2 uses crystals (D or C), and the amount requires increases with the skill level of the spell. The total amount of the crystals will not be consumed up front, but will taper out over the usage of the pet.

List of Summoned Pets & Their Abilities - (Coming Soon)