Trained pets are called for use by an item such as a collar or flute. These pets will grow and develop with use; some can even evolve into another stage. These pets are life companions not just a temporary one shot deal like summoned pets.
Trained pets will level like players, so the same rules of hunting apply to the pet as to you. A trained pet is more or less like an out of party player that is tagging along with you.

Death for a trained pet is like that of a player as well, a pet will lose the same % amount a player would loose at its level, and a pet can de-level as well. If a pet dies the player has 20 minutes to resurrect it before it disappears forever and the player will have to get a new pet.

There are two ways of getting one of these pets:
1) Running the Quest: Wolf @ level 15+, Baby Pets @ level 24, 25, & 26+, and Hatchlings @ level 35+.
2) Purchasing or trading with another player.

Another characteristic of trained pets is that they consume food in order to live.
Each pet type uses different types of food: Baby Spice, Wolf Food, Hatchling Food, and Strider Food.
Trained pets will have what is called a "food gauge" and it will drop as you use the pet, the more you use the pet the more it will eat and the more it will take to feed.

You will need to keep track of the % of the food gauge or the pet can become slower and loose accuracy or even leave its master.
0% ~ The pet will get mad and leave its owner forever.
40% ~ The pet will not return to your inventory.
55% ~ The pet will automatically consume food if there is any in its inventory.

-How to Feed the Pet:
In order to feed the pet you will need to buy food from a "Pet Trainer". Pet trainers can be found in all towns apart from starter towns. You will need to buy the type of food pertaining to the pet type that you have. After you buy the food you will need to drop the food into the pet's inventory before use (otherwise you will eat its food). It is strongly recommended that you keep plenty of food on hand and keeping an eye on the food gauge.

-Consumption Rates:
Note: Will update when Interlude data is realeased.

Initially when the game was first put together (beta) there were only 3 types of pets: Fox, Wolf, and Hatchling. Now there are several others that players can own.

Fox Pet (Level 5):
Sadly this pet is no longer included in the game. After long searching and following a lot of dead ends I have found that this pet does not exist any more. I have cleared it by emailing NCSoft and they have replied saying that there is no Fox Pet within the game. If the pet still existed, players would have been able to get one at level 5.

Wolf Pet (Level 15):
The wolf pet is the lowest level pet that players can get in the game and the summoning item is a collar. The quest for this pet can be run at level 15 or players can obtain one through another player. The quest for this pet starts with Pet Manager Martin in Gludin Village.

The wolf consumes food at a slower rate than the hatchlings and it does not have the option to change or grow into another type of pet. A wolf will always be a wolf, but it will get stronger as it levels. This pet also does not have any special ability. These pets are known for their agility, but they have low physical strength, so they should be raised with care.

Hatchling (Level 35):
The hatchling pet is more favored than the wolf pet because they have the ability to "grow" into a Strider and then later into a Wyvern*, also known as a dragon. (*See notes on this pet in the Wyvern section*) A player can get a hatchling by running a quest at level 35 or by trading it with another player. The quest for this pet starts with Pet Manager Cooper in Giran Castle Town. These pets generally consume their food bar faster than the Wolf and generally take more adena to feed.

There are three types of hatchlings that players can obtain and when the quest is run the one that the player gets is random. The three types are the Twilight, Star, and Wind hatchlings and each one comes with its own unique ability.

-Hatchling of the Stars:
This hatchling is built similar to mages with its skills. This pet has two special abilities: Bright Burst (Similar to Aura Burn) and Bright Heal (Heal Self).
This pet, a couple of Chronicles ago was considered the tank (Used to have a Hate skill), but is now the Mage of the three.

-Hatchling of Wind:
This pet is built similar to a fighter in its skills: Wild Stun (Damages its foes and sometimes stuns) and Wild Defense (Similar to Ultimate Defense, increases P. Def. & M. Def. while lowering movement speed).
This pet has not changed much in its abilities, but does have a slightly lower HP and P. Def than the Star and a much higher P. Atk.

-Hatchling of Twilight:
This hatchling has changed the most in some ways. The Twilight used to have a skill similar to Power Strike, but now has no skills at all. This hatchling has a P. Atk. of 1 and has the lowest M. & P. Def. out of the 3 making this pet close to useless in combat unless you buy top gear for it. This pet for a while became a collector's pet and nothing more.
This pet does have a few positive points that make it the most popular to level up however.
1. Twilight Hatchlings gain levels faster (Less XP required per level)
2. Takes less food to feed. (1 unit = 100% of its food bar)
3. With top gear and shots it is known to be the fastest to level.
There are also rumors that this pet is the fastest of the 3 when it becomes a Strider.

Currently in the game, as of Chronicles 5, the only pets that can evolve in the game are the Hatchlings. These hatchlings can evolve into two states: Striders and Wyverns.
Trained pets gain XP just like players do, based of the amount of damage done to a mob (not including baby pets). If a pet is stored in the players inventory then it will not gain XP. During combat the pet is more like a "out of party" player than a team mate and will not share or take any of the XP that you or your party gains. As your pet gains in level it will become stronger and will be able to do more damage.

More detailed guides on Raising/Leveling a pet will be posted in the Guides Section.

Note: Of the three hatchlings, the Twilight Hatchling gains XP the fastest.

The strider is the only mount within the game. A player can get a strider by raising a Hatchling to level 55 and running a quest to "evolve" it into a strider or the strider's Bugle can be traded from another player. To start the quest, talk to Wiseman Cronos of Hunters Village. Once a hatchling becomes a strider it can never revert back to a hatchling. As this pet levels up the faster it will become and the stronger it will be. This will become a Wyvern under certain conditions.

During hunting a strider works just like the hatchlings and wolves with its skills and attacks.
To mount a strider you must use the mount/dismount action, but when the strider is dismounted it will automatically return to the players' inventory. The strider will also return to the players' inventory when/if the player gets disconnected from the server.

When a player is riding the strider, the player will assume the P. Atk. and the Speed of the strider. All the other stats will remain the same as the player. Another note, the XP will only go to the player while mounted and the strider will get none.

There is a penalty applied to P. Atk. and Speed if the player is lower level than the strider. If the player is 5 levels lower the P. Atk is lowered by 50% and reduced an additional 5% per extra level difference. If a player is 10 or more levels lower than the striders speed is reduced by 50%.

Another few notes when dealing with striders:
1. If the striders hunger gauge drops to 50% or less the strider will have a 50% loss in speed, plus mounting/dismounting will be disabled (means you can not get on or off the pet until you feed it).
2. While mounted a strider can still engage in combat, but the player can not use any of their own physical attack skills, and their equipment does not affect the striders stats. However, a player can still use magic and their passive skills do come into consideration. If a player has been buffed/debuffed or healed, it will only affect the player and not the strider.
3. In water the breath gauge only applies to the player and the player will be the only one to take damage when it runs out.
4. NPCs will not interact with players while they are mounted on a strider.
5. When scrolling or teleporting while mounted the player will remain mounted on arrival.
6. Potions will only affect the player and not the strider and the striders inventory is not accessible while mounted.
7. Striders will eat less food while mounted.

What happens to the pet greatly depends on whether the player is mounted or not.
If the player is not mounted and its being used as a pet rather than a mount the standard rules of pet deaths apply.

If the player is mounted when the pet dies the player and the pet will be dead, but the XP loss will only affect the player and not the strider. If the player returns to Village or Castle they will still be mounted on the strider.

If the hunger gauge drops to a certain level and the player is riding it, the player will get dismounted and the strider will return to the players' inventory with a 0% to its food gauge. If the player is not mounted, the strider will leave its master and the player will have to get another.

*This pet can only be used by castle lords that own a strider. This pet can not be used by any other player in the game and cannot be traded.* Castle owners have to be mounted on a strider and must have B-grade crystals in their inventory when they talk to the Wyvern Manager in the topmost area of each castle.

Wyverns, like any other pet, must be fed. These pets need wyvern food and have been known to consume it at a fast rate. If you are mounted on the pet when its food gauge gets too low the pet will be disappear back into the inventory of the player as a strider. The player will then be ported to the nearest village.

When mounted a player can fly most anywhere in the world, however, there are some "no fly" zones (Ex: TOI). To dismount from this pet, the command /dismount can be used. If the pet is dismounted in mid-air the player will drop from the sky and will take falling damage.

While mounted players can not attack mobs (creatures) within the game, but if a player is attacked the wyvern will use its special breath attack.

These are the newest pets to the game. These guys are the domestic version of what is found in the Beast Farm. There are three different pets. (Buffalo, Cougar, and Kookaburra) Each one can be gotten by running a quest, trading a Pet Exchange Picket (produced from clan halls), or can be traded from another player. Beware as the quest for each of these can be run once and only once per player.

The three Baby Pets:
1. Kookaburra (Level 24) - Players can run this quest at level 24 from Pet Manager Lundy in Gludio Castle Town.
2. Buffalo (Level 25) - Players can run this quest at level 25 from the Pet Manager in Dion Castle Town.
3. Cougar (Level 26) - Players can run this quest at level 26 from the Per Manager in Giran Castle Town.

Each one of these quests can only be run once per player, and they will be required to get a weapon or item for each one. These items retail between 400k - 500k adena each.

As far as special abilities they have none that can be triggered by the player. These pets have a Heal Master ability that triggers similar to that of the Healing Cubic (Random). When it comes to hunting these pets gain XP different from the other trained pets, these pets will absorb XP (about 10%) from their owner as long as they are within range. These pets have a very low P. Atk. as well as a low P. Def and should be carefully watched over.

These pets will level like any other pet in the game and the rules of death are standard to that of any other pet, as well as the rules about food. As of now these pets do not develop into another stage in the higher levels.

There are a few pets that could be considered temporary such as the Sin Eater and some of the animals in the Beast Farm. These pets do not stay with the owner indefinitely and the payer usually has to meet certain requirements to obtain these pets.

-Sin Eater:
This pets' sole purpose is to reduce a players PK count, the amount removed is random, supposedly between 1-12 PK's per pet. This pet can be obtained by running a quest from one of the three Black Judges in the world (Hardins' Academy, Wastelands South Entrance, and Floran Village). The player must also have a PK count of 1 or more. The quest is finished when the pet levels and is returned to one of the Black Judges.

Feeding these pets is simple but expensive since they do eat a lot of food. Sin Eaters use wolf food that can be purchased at any Pet Manager. These pets level the same as the Baby Pets and will absorb 100% of the owners XP and SP. The Sin eater also has a low P. Def and can be easily killed by most mobs so they will have to be carefully taken care of. It is highly recommended that the owner carries some Blessed Pet Rez Scrolls when trying to level these.

Note: The Sin Eater manacles will now stay with the player after they have been turned in and the player no longer has to run the quest again in order to get a new set each time so long as they still have the quest 'Repent Your Sin's' active in their quest log. In order for this quest to remain active, they must still have a PK count of at least 1 after they've turned in the Sin Eater.

-Beast Farm:
These are more temporary than that of the Sin Eater. To get these pets you have to feed the Kookaburras and Buffaloes that are found in the Beast Farm a special food sold by the NPC at the Beast Farm. The tricky thing about these is that they will start attacking you while you are feeding themů.

When a player successfully "tames" on of these pets, they will follow you around and use their special skills on you automatically (Buffing and healing). These pets are not directly controllable and the player can not issue any commands for them to follow, and will disappear when the user disconnects from the server.